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Crossing the Galactic Center

Throughout the last quarter of 2006 (especially late December) a collective palpable intensity moved right under our feet as the planet Pluto progressed towards the Galactic Center point of our Milky Way Galaxy (26° Sagittarius). Many friends asked me what in the world was going on, and gratefully, I was able to respond with some subtle energetic understanding.

I experienced Pluto’s movement as reverberations of electricity rising up out of the earth into my body. The energetic quakes looked like the glyph of Aquarius and its power was quite destabilizing.

The bolts of lightning moved up through my feet, into my pelvis, and literally shook me to my core. I believe this energy was our initiation into a new world, making way for our collective galactic souls to awaken. For several days, I saw the energy as a vibrant figure eight symbol moving throughout our galaxy.

This energy will fuel us for months and years to come. From my perspective, it was the Goddess, the feminine principle, stirring at the very core of the universe, birthing herself in new form.

What is the Galactic Center?

The Galactic Center symbolizes a link between the cosmos and the natural world, a place where our cosmological collective minds and souls are intrinsically connected to the universe.

When we consciously connect to the Galactic Center it restores and opens us to the higher cosmic realms, best described by astrologer Phillip Sedgwick: Our solar system spirals and pinwheels its way about the powerful center of the galaxy. The Sun maintains the same relationship to the Galactic Center as the Earth does to the Sun. . .emits a wide array of powerful radiation, most notably infrared (IFR). . . . This Infrared energy pressures the subconscious mind, providing the release of learned behavior and memories, both negative and positive, all in the interest of moving forward. [the Galactic Center acts as a] Defrag. . .opening our collective minds where] New emotional experiences may now replace previously retained ones. The mental barriers to understanding a new idea, receiving insight or just plane old "getting it" gracefully yield under this influence [aspects from the GC].

We Are the Stars

Ancient cultures aligned with the sky, venerating it as a source of wisdom and guidance to live by. Ancient and Native cultures believed they came from the stars and were once star people. They knew the galaxy and its planetary bodies were alive, teeming with wisdom, including Mother Earth and her kin. Thus they acknowledged and co-created with Earth and Sky cycles.

For thousands of years though, humans have been directed and regulated to operate within the third-dimension, ignoring the feminine impulse, ignoring creative potentialities, and, in fact denying the multi-sensory sacred and divine qualities within all life.

Now the universe is moving us into and through the process of getting in touch with what really matters, as the outer planets, Pluto and Uranus, once again aspect each other, and as Neptune transits Pisces for the next eleven years. Species begin to die--forever gone from this planet, at least in our collective time on the planet. Collectively, if we consciously acknowledged the earth as a living organism, and consciously related to her, we would know in our hearts that we are one galaxy among many, and we would be less-self-absorbed, and more deliberate in our relationship with all of life. Western culture, in particular though, encourages us to push through life disregarding the responsibility bestowed to us--to regard and honor all of our relations and cosmological cycles.

Inner Shaman

Today we are invited to awaken our inner shaman and commune with the world in a sacred way. Pluto crossing over the GC point awakened our galactic minds and souls, in preparation for the coming times.

Awakening and activating our inner shaman, encourages us to take responsibility for our souls and our multi-dimensional aliveness.

Even if you don't resonate with what I am writing now, you most likely will, as transits and eclipses over the next ten years propel us to release and awaken our soul traumas and fears, and embrace our true selves.

The resistance we have in terms of transforming our patterns and our way of living, is sure to come to the surface as we move along into these early stages of the 21st century, and move through the Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015) reminiscent of the 1960's, as we ride the wave of far-infrad light emanating from the black hole of the universe.

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