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Return to Balance, Divine Union

In 2003 an astrological event called the Harmonic Concordance bestowed us with a rare planetary Grand Sextile pattern, a star tetrahedron, in the sky. Two Grand Trine aspects came together, forming sextiles around the grand trines, in the elements of earth and fire, forming a perfect circle with the Star of David inside the circle. This ancient sacred marriage symbol of ‘As Above, So Below’ came through imbuing our conscious minds and our cellular bodies with the ancient memory of the sacred feminine in union with the divine masculine. If we were aware of this energetic occurrence, we consciously received the unique messages and vibrations it amplified into our energy bodies restoring our vision of the future.

These alignments, along with women coming into their inner power and men embracing their feminine sides have been preparing us for this phase of evolution, for the Return of the Goddess.

The Goddess stirs now at the very core of the Earth, the Galactic Center, and who better to guide our return than the matriarchs of matriarchs, the Empress herself, Capricorn! Capricorn rides now within the powerful vessel of Pluto, the Goddess of the Underworld. Together they form an active cardinal partnership of feminine autonomy, modeling for a culture that has lost their feminine honor. The time has come to turn the tide towards the feminine and to teach balance, so we may walk hand in hand and rise up to invite the misled masculine into his true form, his divinity. We are on our evolutionary way into the development and establishment of new laws and new labyrinths for sustainable, resourceful and responsible living on earth. And to get there we have to move through our own stuff, all of us, and show up to offer our gifts. Collectively, we have a lot to transmute, and the amazing thing is that we can. Nothing but radical humility will take us all the way home, out of illusions. Our minds and hearts have a meeting place, and it is that place which needs cultivating. In the healing arts field we learn to consistently live in the heart, to embody the polarities of heaven and Earth. Their marriage turns everyday living into Alchemy. When we live in union with the Sacred and the Divine, the tendency to act away from our deepest values and truths is basically non-existent. The fear that resides in this world stems from our unhealed need to separate, to live in limitation in the third dimension, without acknowledgement of who we really are, without honoring the significance of joining.

The Matriarchs

Capricorn and Virgo, both feminine in nature, are the only signs of the entire astrological wheel associated with masculine planets, Saturn and Mercury respectively. Saturn is considered the Father of Time, but who kept time in the ancient world? Women did. The function of Saturn in modern culture has been expressed through male dominion since women were dispossessed of their authority, their Saturnalia function when patriarchal societies began—dominating women, children and animals.

Capricorn is the oldest and wisest of the earth elements around the astrological wheel, yet, for thousands of years the Capricorn archetype has been held captive, under the influence of patriarchy. Capricorn is internal, primal and feminine, and deeply sexual. On her own she is a superior commander, manager, and an authoritarian. Yet the old guard holds tight to abuses of power in religion, government, big business, and medicine, sexually exploiting children and the underdog.

The shadow of Capricorn takes on the role of the dark Eros because our back is turned on the feminine. “When the matriarchs ended…patriarchal peoples, male-dominated cultures based on the breeding of women and animals took over” (Stein, p. 10). Exploitation encourages addiction and fuels the aggressive unconscious masculine to further suppress true empowerment for us all.

Traditionally Capricorn is associated with the Devil card in the Tarot Deck. The concept of feminine sexuality became linked to Satan giving birth to the Devil which twisted and tarnished true feminine principles. A true reflection of Capricorn comes in the form of the ancient wisdom keepers of Native North America she comes in the form of White Buffalo Calf Woman and the Hopi Prophecies, in South America she is written in the Condor and the Eagle Prophecies, in the ancient Hindu religions she comes forth as Kali and in ancient matricharal cultures she is known as the Snake Goddess of Crete, and Venus herself.

Collectively and personally we do not need to continue on the route of the aggressive dominating masculine, and we do not need to go the destructive route of the rageful feminine. To restore the feminine consciously, holistically, we must do our inner work and come out of our ancient stories, and out of hiding. The Earth is screaming for it, and on every level, so are we. It is up to us how we want to create it. What dream do we want to dream? What part do you want to play? Restoring balance comes when we step out of hiding; welcome oneness into our minds, our hearts, our bodies, our relationships with all living beings, and our lives. It comes when we all honor and embody the feminine principle, and collectively incorporate her gifts into mainstream consciousness.

The 5th Dimension

Many of us will play a significant role in the coming formations of new and viable avenues for us to consciously live on planet Earth and formulate global societies. Those who awakened in the sixties, those born in the sixties, and those born during the outer-planet conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn in 1989-1995 have viable parts to play. As Saturn moves through Virgo and as Pluto traverses back and forth across the doorway of the Galactic Center we begin our collective journey into collaboratively restructuring how we utilize the power and resources of the Earth. Throughout the next fifteen year stride, we will be building global laws and governments with earth-based technologies, as we take into account our collective resources and damage from our impact on Earth so far. We will also be welcoming guidance from the Earth herself as we move forward.

The chasm between those who are awake and those who are still sleeping to this paradigm shift is showing up in dramatic ways; weather patterns, the war, the elections, the housing market, and now in the financial market. If we are educated about the planetary influences or are deeply listening to spiritual guidance, it will be much easier to interpret our personal and collective missions. As we move ahead, aligning to the center of gravity within our bodies will be more and more important so we remain grounded and aligned with sacredness and Spirit. The more we take responsibility for our own inner authority and apply discipline in our lives, Saturn or Capricorn, the more we will be able to respond without reacting. As we continue to acclimate to our new environment, the practicality of living on earth will take more and more of our personal and collective attention.

There is the impression that the "ending times" of Armageddon are coming, yet we have a choice and opportunity to transform (Pluto) and transmute (Uranus) Armageddon in our own minds and hearts and learn to extend the Queendom and Kingdom to others as we move forward in conscious evolution rather than perpetuating war within and amongst ourselves (on the road, in our bodies, in our minds, in our relationships). Change on a cellular level is required. And although we may choose the familiar pattern again and again, the closer we come face to face with them the less power they have and the more we reach for wholesome multi-dimensional energies to enter into our lives. As we each participate we invite higher and higher vibrations into our cellular Selves and onto the planet.

Finding our collective way in duality as we step into the formation of a New Earth may seem impossible and it is, if we approach it from this dimension, because duality will not take us there. The coming times will bring significant changes as we bridge the practical world and the metaphysical world. This is where we all need to hold steady to our highest guidance, visions, and dreams. It is our multi-dimensional resonances and abilities which will guide us with grace as we move forward into the Age of Aquarius, the 5th Dimension. The current conjunction of Chiron, Neptune and the North Node in Aquarius puts us in touch with the healing dream we each have carried for ourselves and for the world at large. Their influence is fueling us with the necessary energy we need to bring them forward. All the consciousness that arose in the Sixties wants to take practical form (Saturn) now in the collective world. We are now ready to receive the antidote for the poisons of the past. We are operating at a higher level of consciousness collectively (although it doesn’t look like it if we see only thru the eyes of the mundane), and having done our inner work, we are more mature now and the time is now to apply all the spiritual teachings we have received.

Remember, fear is the boogie man. With Neptune and Chiron maintaining their positions in Aquarius, we can continue to hold the vision of a conscious world, healed and highly aligned, therefore continue to utilize positive clear thoughts as they are our prayers. It makes a difference. This is not the first time we have been tantalized with fear dominated scenarios and this will not be the last, therefore we can choose to see through to the truth. We are beyond frustrated by the immaturity of war games and with the insignificant place unity and peace has held in our world as an actual authentic applied science in our governing bodies and minds. The lack of respect for the earth herself is no longer acceptable.

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