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Return to Balance, Return is Now

The element of earth has not been welcomed or honored in our current culture. Technology, big money, big business, fast food, sexual exploitation, and gas guzzlers have been in the spot light. Yet, now the ancient feminine speaks to the collective through Saturn in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn and the 60s Generation is catalyzed once again, and we are called upon to come out of hiding to come forward as active participants and bestow our sacred gifts, even if what we offer is our own personal healing. As the carriers of the cellular memory of the 1960s we sing a song of radical deep truth for the Earth and her children, and we carry the torch of compassion, healing and unity escorted by powerful regenerative ingenuity.

Collectively, our generation chose to be reborn in the Sixties and rise from the ashes of the sacred flame and ignite healing in full force, to awaken the collective unconscious to the ancient rites of the Earth and to the power of the feminine. The Sacred Feminine is returning now to claim her heritage, and we have symbolically and figuratively voted to be of service to her as we step into maturation. The baby boomer generation (Pluto in Leo 1938-1958) is retiring or on their way towards it, and we, the 60’s Generation, are being ushered onto the stage of fulfillment and maturation as the Earth breaks through into her new and ancient form.

This calls on us to take personal responsibility for the fulfillment of our sacred soul signatures. In the words of Caroline Casey, as this generation comes into its full stride around the turn of the millennium they begin to contribute their Uranus-Pluto gift of transformative originality to the collective.

Embodied Aligned

Much of the collective is not embodied and aligned with the Sacred Feminine or Divine Masculine within themselves though; therefore they do not intrinsically understand what is happening. As we continue to move towards entry into the 5th Dimension—and the New Earth, Virgo healing gifts will take on new and meaningful roles in our culture. By 2010 Pluto in Capricorn will begin forming trines to our generational Virgo planets. Everything we have known and believed in will be coming to fruition by the time Pluto reaches mid-degrees.

Now as Saturn in Virgo and comes around again it may feel like Saturn is siphoning our freedom and suppressing our transformative natures, yet we will find it is bringing our innate wildness into form, full form if you will as we integrate the healing retrieval Saturn’s pass in Virgo is initiating. It is time for us to come forward in our unique sacred power, out of our personal and collective wounds. We are transpersonal beings, and we are spiraling around the ancient wheel again. And this time we go deeper, our souls won’t settle for anything less. The events of our early lives, the natal house position of our generational planets, and the forms Saturn took while transiting our natal charts in 1978 lend clues to the healing which may still need to be addressed. Pluto now beginning her underground transformative work in the culture in the sign of Capricorn along with Saturn’s movement, especially as it retrogrades will bring forth what we need to work with or it will catalyze the healing gift we have to bestow to the collective.

Shamanic Death

We most likely will experience an intense death phase of some kind as Saturn aspects our charts. It may not feel very good and it may not look very pretty, and we may feel we are in the dark, yet if we can allow this phase to consciously occur it won’t have so much power over us. The other side of death is life. Even though some part of you (ego) or your life is dying, remember the realms of the underworld and the refinement of Virgo are working together to bring renewed resources and healing into your life. Death by Saturn invites us to mature into the depths of our psyches, where the majority of individuals aren’t very interested in hanging out for too long, encouraging us to take more and more responsibility for our intimate relationship with our personal signatures as they are in relationship to Saturn/Capricorn, Uranus, Pluto, and Chiron.

The form which things take seem so real (Saturn), yet we are more than the mundane, we are multi-dimensional beings, more than our bodies and when we awaken to our true senses—our Chironic natures, we can then relate to and bring form to that which supports and nourishes us rather than prescribe to the linear framework which Saturn creates when wielded by the imbalanced masculine and feminine archetypes in the modern world. The modern world is up for renewal and rebirth, therefore, in light of all that is happening in the world now, it is important to remember as we journey through these times that what we judge as our deepest failures can turn into our most successful rites of passage and what we deem as our greatest successes may stem from our long-term deficiencies. Holding on to the past and viewing world events from the old paradigm encourages a storm of chaos. Energetically speaking, chaos moves along a horizontal mundane line, and peace and grace move along the vertical axis connecting us to heaven and earth. Chaos can turn into the precursor of peace when we hold to the highest truth and rise above the insanity of the ego patterns playing out collectively and personally.


Rising to the call of the Virgo-Pisces Goddess and God will shield and guide us through to the other side, no matter what we are dealing with, although if we have not stood face to face with the Goddess of the Underworld (Pluto in Virgo) we will be sleepwalking directly into the coming changes, and we will not be prepared to make the transition. Journeying into the abyss of the psyche is a deep process of transformation, calling for exceptional healers, therapists, friends and trusted spiritual teachers/guides to travel with us. The journey allows for outdated lifestyles and paradigms to be transmuted, and calls for complete surrender and trust in the divine. This is a tall order for the “60s Generation”, as their Achilles’ heel (Chiron in Pisces 1962-1968) is the belief that they are split off from God, believing they are unworthy of receiving universal love and support and God knows it didn’t seem available when we were young. Therefore we have a strong tendency to medicate ourselves with illegal drugs, nicotine, sugar, food, alcohol, sex, spiritual practices, codependency (addiction to a person) or through spiritual bypass/spiritualized ego. These self-medicating patterns are dissociative in nature and they abdicate our original pain, thus they keep us from our authentic aliveness—from physically embodying our sensitive and electric natures (Uranus-Pluto in Virgo) and offering our sacred medicine (Chiron in Pisces).

Without surrender to and reliance upon benevolent forces--Goddess, God, Higher Power, Nature, Christ, Mary, Quan Yin, Buddha, Isis, Holy Spirit—we inevitably remain lost in the Underworld, in the dark shadow of Virgo and Pisces, guilt, repression, self-sabotage and addiction. Our relationship with the Sacred and the Divine helps us embrace our original wounding. Yet the wounds run deep, so we need to be mindful because our projections from the past onto the present because they are powerful beyond our collective comprehension giving the past power over us. Consciously working with our issues of boundaries, abandonment, grief, rage, and sexual trauma are very important. A combination of grounded conscious somatic bodywork and healing, intuitive and energetic healing, spiritual teachings, acupuncture, shamanic soul-retrieval, astrological counseling, energetic healing, prayer, meditation, studying the Course in Miracles, getting sober is what is called for to transmute and dismantle the ancient past and the false personas we have worn. They are all viable and important avenues of healing for the Virgo-Pisces archetype to pursue. Choosing to journey into the Underworld to reemerge whole requires one to experience conscious death and rebirth, and if we haven’t taken this journey yet, it means we weren’t ready, haven’t fully surrendered, or have not received enough support to venture into the abyss of deep healing.

Many of us are already professional healers and have walked the path of integration for many years, sometimes wondering when and where we will utilize our gifts on a bigger scale. The time is now. We have been preparing for years, and if we all can move through these coming times and harness the powerful force we rode in on, through the horrors of the past to embodied grace, we come into our highest calling and sharing our sacred medicine on a bigger scale. Whatever inventive mindful healing creative gift you have you been waiting to bring to the collective or mainstream, your time is now. Uranus’ sojourn through Pisces and Saturn’s transit through Virgo will catalyze and activate our personal and collective generational missions full steam ahead, making it easier for us to bring our best foot forward. Our personal and collective mission may involve some karmic tie or commitment that needs to be fulfilled so we can be reborn. Our mission asks us to release the ancient and collective bondage we have carried and move forward, empowered with our psyches and Spirits intact, as the Goddess walks us to the other side. We may have to close our eyes, look within, take a risk and cross the chasm of falsehood into wholeness, allowing for inner knowing to take the place of our outer projections. Then we can travel the abyss to true vision and fly with the regenerative power of the Phoenix, born again.

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