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Return to Balance, Obama

Updated: Feb 14

With Barack Obama courageously coming forward as the United States President, the country is guided now by a man imbued with the elements of earth and water (yin/feminine). Born in 1961, Obama’s chart reveals a grand trine in earth. He has Mars in Virgo, Ceres, Vesta. The Moon in Taurus and Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn/0 degrees Aquarius. Guided by his inherent relationship to the principles of the feminine and of the earth element, we couldn’t have asked for a better man to guide the country as Pluto enters the sign of Capricorn. Interestingly enough, many feminists truly wanted Hilary in the White House, yet fundamentally, Obama carriers more feminine in his being than Hilary. The sacred feminine archetype is intrinsic within his masculinity, he has Mars in Virgo, offering a humble new role model for men to aspire too along with his diverse background touching so many of us across all racial and ethnic lines, further transforming our deep seated issues of ignorance, separation, and fear (and triggering it to come to the surface).

The 2008 US Presidential Elections, synonymous with the opposition of Uranus and Saturn, exact on November 4th, reflects back to the 1960s, to the last Uranus-Saturn conjunction in 1988 and the last time Saturn transited Virgo, 1978-1979.

Oppositions are astrological aspects which express intensity and extremes. When the oppositional aspect is un-integrated, therefore unconscious, it tends to deny its polarity. When evolved an opposition converges two very different energies, either personally or collectively, into a partnership or a union of opposites. I believe the gift the opposition aspect brings to the collective comes in the form of marriage. Although Uranus and Saturn seem like an unlikely pair, the archetypes fueling them are working for the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Uranus represents change for the greater good and Saturn represents the form it will take.

Pluto Uranus Squares

The upcoming oppositions over the next seven years in square to Pluto will show us the extreme differences within our world and offer new revolutionary ways to channel higher consciousness, knowledge and wisdom (Uranus in Pisces) into the inner workings of this world (Saturn). Pluto will take care of any resistance we have; transforming our world in the deepest most thorough ways possible. Once this trio’s call begins to shake enough of the collective un-conscious awake, we will begin to grasp the immensity of power which the earth has and how dominion over her and her inhabitants is highly improbable, suicidal and unconscious. The changes needed to move forward will bring the sudden and permanent fusion of spirituality and science into one form, and the new science, quantum physics will move into mainstream in acknowledgement of the Earth as a living being/organism. Even if it doesn’t look like it on the outside we are moving forward to true healing. Pluto in Capricorn will rise as the way shower for the Earth herself taking her leading role in stewarding us into honorable living among the Earth and her inhabitants. Pluto is deep and if channeled in the appropriate direction, will reveal all that is necessary for healing, no matter how gruesome or seemingly ugly (shadow). This is why it is so important to embrace our soul’s calling and knowing, and transform our ancient wounds.

Restoring the Feminine

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was two-hundred forty six (246) years ago, in 1762, just before the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and after the initial stampeding of Native American cultures, which later became the United States of America. Built on the backs of African slaves, American Indian blood, and Asian minority sweat equity the United States of America flourished and became a world leader. Two hundred and forty six years later, here we are again traversing through Pluto in Capricorn, but this time we cross the black hole, the Galactic Center, at the crossroads of an evolutionary 26,000 cycle of climatic change. The Galactic Center is astronomically defined as the rotational center of the Milky Way galaxy, located about 8 kiloparsecs (26,000 LY) away from the Earth, in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius, where the Milky Way appears brightest. The Galactic Center has been described as a black hole, a void in the Milky Way Galaxy. Shamanically speaking, the void is the place of no time, a place of nothingness, where all is melded into darkness.

On December 21, 2012 the center of our entire galaxy will rise with the morning sun, completing another 25,920 year journey around the great wheel of the zodiac (known astrologically as a “cosmic year”)…Mayans described creation as consisting of five worlds of “suns” (eras). Each sun is shown ending in catastrophe, a transitory period of crisis and upset we recognize, thanks to the modern day study of chaos, as necessary for new forms and new growth to emerge. This death of the old, birth of the new echoes the idea of the phoenix rising from the ashes of destruction, ensuring by its flight not only a fresh start but a world better than the one before ~Atwater, Children of the Fifth World

This perfectly describes Pluto—death, rebirth and deep transformation. There is no way around the force of Pluto. Pluto is an outer transpersonal planet therefore it impacts us all and calls for higher learning and utilizing our power. Over the last fifteen years or so we have, personally and collectively been invited to consciously wake up through the self-help movement, alternative healing modalities, spiritual empowerment, and holistic healthcare as Pluto transited in Sagittarius. As Pluto transited in the late degrees of Sagittarius it squared Uranus in Pisces breaking down religious fallacy, corrupt governments, and opening us up to deep spiritual truths, and the square has served us well. It has shaken loose the hold religiosity and power-hungry business has had on the collective. Galactic Center If you haven’t already noticed it there is a collective palpable intensity right under our feet, especially since the last quarter of 2006. The experience is real and it is cosmic. It was the movement of the planet Pluto crossing the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Personally, I experienced Pluto crossing the Galactic Center as reverberations of electricity. They looked like the glyph for Aquarius, rising up out of the Earth. I felt bolts of energy up through my entire body, especially into my pelvis, shaking me into awareness. Many friends asked me what in the world was going on. This destabilizing energy established a circular current of energy which will be fueling us for months and years to come. This is Pluto crossing the Galactic Center. Now that Pluto has crossed the GC and is direct in the sign of Capricorn we begin the journey of destabilization of the old paradigms making way for conscious earth-based communities, green living, and green livelihoods to arise.

Energetically, the universe is moving us into and through the process of re-balancing, and it is quite intense and can propel us into greater and greater extremes and polarities internally and externally if we are unaware and not plugged into the entire holographic perspective, into the complete framework of collective conscious. The essence of our galaxy and its planetary bodies inter-relate with each other and effect all who are within its orbit. This includes all of us—plant, animal, human, rock, water, earth and sky. For thousands of years, humans have been directed and regulated to operate within the third-dimension, ignoring the feminine impulse, ignoring creative potentialities and our multi-sensory systems and this is where Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus and Saturn will bring forward the impulse for balance within the masculine and feminine archetypes, and ultimately our fusion of oneness. This is not about men and women, per se, as much as it is about the masculine and feminine within personally and how we express it collectively, thus the imperative to individually and collectively cultivate growth in whichever is under developed and/or suppressed in us.

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