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Lotus Flower

"...from the mud of adversity, grows the lotus"

~Carolyn Marsden

Where our hearts and souls harken us to awaken, and grow personally and collectively beyond crystallized out-dated patterns and structures that no longer serve.  Leading us to Love, fueling optimal choices in our wellness, relationships, livelihood, empowerment and more.

And while there is chaos spinning around us, we have a choice to close the gap between the past and the future–step into the present moment and midwife a new world.  In doing so, we give birth our authentic selves and embody our Souls calling.

This is no perfection path.  We stumble, we resist, and falter.  And we grow past these chasms of self-doubt, lack and fear.

There is power to be harnessed and work to be done, to reach for:
~Empowered Authenticity
~Core Energetic Alignment
~Grace and Mastery

We are here to steward life, to facilitate its highest good.  Rather than live outside our bodies, our knowing…we can deepen into our core essence with tools of healing, embodiment, and love.

When ready, even if you’re shaking in your boots life is here to facilitate the Awesomeness of you and your Dreams, through the resilience and courage within–even to face the boogie-man shadowy stuff too.

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