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About Roselight Astrology

Roselight Healing-Astrology and Oracles of Venus fosters soul growth via publications, educational programs, and astrology-coaching and counseling offerings.


Individually and collectively, as we transition out of the Piscean Age—the age of suffering and embrace our personal power, heart-mind sovereignty, and our innate ability to live awake in multi-dimensional pool of intelligence WE merge with the cosmic and terrestrial Goddess and the Soul Renaissance occurring now.

Wendy Groomes

Wendy Groomes is a long time teacher and conscious seeker of the Divine. Her work in the world includes intuitive healing, astrologer, animal communicator.  Her offerings assist personal and collective evolutionary impulses to awaken from within.

Early fascination with the stars led to a never-ending exploration of astrology (began in earnest in 1990) and the cosmos. After decades of self-study, she became certified in Sacred Marriage Astrology (2007), studied the Venus Cycle (2006) and has taken numerous astrological courses over the years, including Venus Star Point of Relationships in 2009.

More recently Wendy facilitated discussions via EA Zoom with astrologer and editor, Linda Jonson, and occasionally presented on various topics including the Venus Cycle & Inanna, the Venus Gates and current planetary cycles (RAMA TV,  Pateron, EA Zoom).

Her Divine Embodiment Blog (2005-2010) can be found here

Additionally Wendy has studied energy healing and sacred movement within the Sanctum Temple for more than three decades.  Currently she is focused on finishing Venus and Mary Magdalene and their relevance now.

Wendy Mandala.png

"...from the mud of adversity, grows the lotus."

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