Her Sacred Inheritance

Stepping onto the path of the Sacred Feminine is a

most significant journey.  Embracing the path of embodiment, sovereignty and enlightened wisdom comes the opening of the kundalini, which fosters the flow of multi-dimensional consciousness and extra-ordinary healing and living an awakened creative life. 

Personally embracing this journey led to healing my psyche, soul and physical ailments (along with natural medicines) which forged a
relationship with the Divine Mother and Sacred Feminine
(I had been unconscious of her existence until my thirties).


Spiritually seeking, my mother's death (and her appearance before me) and the path of the Sacred Feminine led me to deep inner work via holistic psychotherapy, inner child work, somatic bodywork, energywork, dreamwork, soul retrieval, Energy Pilates, Gyrotonics, Spiritual Belly Dance (most healing movement for women) and Goddess Circles with Clementina Brown (Angel) of Scantum Studio led me to awaken on a sexual, physical, energetic, cosmic, galactic, soul path for close to thirty years.​

Planetary influences (natal, transits), life events, soul desire to evolve, devotion, and commitment to travel the underworld shadows to retrieve abandoned aspects of the self, and to unwind the distortions held within body-mind to my most evolved Self has served to continually reveal a personal integrated connection to the Sacred Feminine (which collectively supports the emergence and integration of the Divine Masculine) thus the importance of her unfolding now.


​Goddess Electric Awakens


Roots of my origin pulsate

Crimson, orange and clove, 
Up through my feet

and Birth me home.


Transformed and Rising

from the Ashes

Comes forth Venus​

In her most Virginal Earthy Self.

Blessed by the Harvest

Her sustenance awakens Heaven


Goddess of Compassion

Pours Sacred Wisdom in my Crown


Aligned now, body and soul

and Anointed in Heaven & Earth


Authentic Embodied Revolutionary

Soul Rises

wlg 2000