Planet and Moon

New Moon Podcasts

This past summer the lovely Kate Rodger, founder and CEO of The Institute of Modern Wisdom was inspired to spontaneously invite me to offer a monthly astrological New Moon podcast on SHE Spotlight--Understanding the Feminine Wave a podcast for global connection and dialogue in service to the rising tide of change, with a feminine twist.

The very moment Kate asked me (we were on the phone), I had walked out onto the patio and witnessed the Moon flowers planted weeks before blossom its first bloom (see image above), answering a prayer I had made that very morning--thank you Goddess Saraswati!







To the right you'll find links to each recording thus far.  Our first recording was the New Moon in Leo just before my birthday (sweet!). In this first podcast we go into a bit of my story, what drew me to astrology and some introduction into Evolutionary Astrology.

All this is new for me--speaking it all out loud, and sometimes I stumble in the dialogue.  Much of what is shared is educational about the archetypes, with tidbits about the New Moon flavor of the month.

Each month the moon cycles through the cosmos and circles around the zodiac wheel, and a new cycle begins anew.  The Moon is the ruling planet for the sign of Cancer--Feminine Water Yin.

Cancer and the Moon rule women, the women in your life, Matriarchs, childbirth, breasts, breast feeding, nurturance, nourishment, home, the stomach, early childhood, emotions, the emotional body, homeland...and our ability to create emotional self-reliance (via self-responsibility, i.e., maturation--Capricorn).



SHE Spotlight 2020

January 24, Aquarius
 February 23, Pisces

SHE Spotlight 2019 

December 26, Capricorn
November 24, Sagittarius

October 27, Scorpio
September 28, Libra

August 27, Virgo
July 30, Leo

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