Lemon Balm Cafe

Melissa officinalis
A member of the mint family, Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm) is easily grown and spreads like wildfire in a garden, and it's lemony scent wafts through the summer air.

It's refreshing in a glass of water or as hot tea.  True to its name Lemon Balm is very calming to the nervous system. 

It helps with anxiety and cognition, as well as pain reduction and weight loss.


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Someone asked, "why call my coaching practice Lemon Balm Cafe"? 
My answer? I love lemon! and the color yellow, and the concept of balm.  And who couldn't use some good old-fashioned balm in their lives?

Further, I love the idea of a cafe.  One day I may operate one, serving consciousness, herbal and energetic teas and some super yummy food and soul readings!

In the meantime Lemon Balm Cafe is here for you in wellness--yours, mine and ours! 

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How would your life be different, if?  

What motivates you?  

Do you know what your values are?

And is your life revolving around them?

If not, coaching can surely assist, along with a cup of lemon balm tea.

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Our Programs

Coaching works best with individuals who seek change and want support in initiating and maintaining those changes.

Pure coaching is a co-creative relationship between client and coach, based in honesty,

powerful facilitation and motivational strategies.

Facilitation occurs within a

healing space, to assist in

the discovery of DESIRES

and support in courageously 

going for and reaching for
what is most VALUED
 in personal, 
professional and relational life.


Our coaching provides the latest in

Integrative Nutrition Support,

Pure Coaching in Wellness,
Motivational Interviewing,

5 Element Wisdom,

Conscious Movement,

Herbalism & Energy Medicine,

Mindfulness, Guided Imagery,

Depth & Compassion

Whether we seek support for
~Health Challenges
~Life Transitions

or have
~Authentic Desire 

to uncover and embrace the 
richness of our true selves, 
the Art of Coaching is sure to assist.