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Oracles of Venus speaks directly to the current times with messages for the collective from the Sacred Feminine.  As we individually and collectively transition out of the Piscean Age—the age of suffering (entrenched in Patriarchal shadow) and embrace our personal power, heartmind sovereignty, and our innate-ability to live awake in multi-dimensional intelligence, we step into a pool of aliveness, the call of wholeness, and merge with the cosmic and terrestrial Goddess and the Soul Renaissance occurring now...


Wendy Groomes is a budding author, intuitive healer, light channel, lover of stars and all things metaphysical.


She shares her gifts with the world as a practicing astrologer, animal communicator, energy healer and flower essence practitioner fostering evolution to shine forth.  


Wendy's early love of the stars led to the never-ending exploration of astrology that began in earnest in 1990, inclusive of decades of self-study, and certification in Sacred Marriage Astrology (EA Pluto paradigm) and the Venus Cycle



In 2009, she met Linda Jonson on the School of Evolutionary Astrology Message Board and joined her burgeoning EA Zoom Team, where Wendy assisted in operations, and collectively taught and dialogued about Venus and astrological topics for many years.  


There she also met Tashi Powers, who has generously invited Wendy to present regularly on the Venus Gates and current planetary cycles.


Prior Wendy attended massage school (1994) and had a full-time core development bodywork and energy healing practice for decades. During this time, she gained a BA in Holistic Studies & Religion (2005-2010), 

with a special focus on Women's Studies, Creative

Writing and Psychology.


Wendy is an active animal communicator, and works with people and their pets all over the world.