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Venus Roselight Signature

Venus orbits in 19-month cycles
first as a morning star, then into the solar glare where she disappears from the naked eye, and then onto the ascent phase as an evening star, and then reaches retrograde motion.  Throughout she forms a five-pointed star-petaled pattern in the sky.  

This is significant.  


Because when we track her cycle, as it presents in our personal charts (dharma) we see we each have a purposeful Venus Star-Gate signature, what I call Venus Imprint.

These imprints are activation points
--waiting for us to awaken, illuminate and
master them in this lifetime.​​

Journey with us and Venus through each cycle, through the gates, in our bi-annual deep dive into Venus' roselight.  

We will comprehend the Venus Cycle,  track her cosmic imprints, invite Magdalene's Cosmic Aquarian message,  and activate and anchor Venus' galactic roselight into our bodymind's and the Earth through embodiment practices and ritual.

ONCE in a Lifetime (150+ years)
***New Venus Star Point @29Libra***
initiates October 22, 2022

There are many layers to Venus.

In additional to representing
our bodies,
our values...
astronomically Venus cycles within cycles,
just the women.

We each have Venus in our charts,
born within a specific zodiacal Venus Cycle,
within a Venus Star Point cycle
either as morning star,
an evening star,
or born during solar glare underworld phase,
or during her retrograde 40 day phase.  

Once within every 19-month cycle, Venus goes retrograde for a period of 40 days (give or take a day)--
the number of sacred prayer.  

This year Venus retrogrades in Capricorn, right as she moves into her next Venus Cycle--Capricorn (Morning & Evening Star all through 2022 and into 2023).  

This phase sets the tone for aligning and restructuring our values, relationships, and self-mastery, which is unfolding now in these last months of 2021.  

Join me to receive the Roselight wisdom shared from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene during our once in a century Venus Portal (2004-2012), and how we can use this wisdom as we incrementally step into a new age.

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