For 8,000 years the Feminine Creative

Principle has been sub-merged. 


Now, she RISES,

and rides in the 

Chariot of Chaos
(Pluto in Capricorn)
the essence of Earth Yin Feminine. 

The Plutonian process is that of destruction,
and purging, even death, a natural part of life,

that which no longer

serves the natural state of evolution, including REBIRTH




What does your INNER FEMININE need to evolve?

What does she need to let go of, and what does she need to embrace?

There is a treasure trove within.

We are standing on the precipice of a collective shift in how we relate and orient to just about everything. From the mundane and practical to our energetic alignment and embodiment of quantum and galactic multi-dimensional reality.


We have much to move through before the Aquarian Age truly comes forth.  Everything is up for change, and each of us is invited to the coming out party


What our egos have relied on for security (mammalian brain) only limits the
manifestation of miraculous possibilities and potentialities. 
The old paradigm just isn't expansive enough, or inclusive enough to carry us forward embodied and awakened to ride the monumental wave(s) of authentic evolution.


Stagnancy leads us astray from Nature, towards over-stimulation and disconnection from the element of earth (many of us don't have any relationship w/it at all), fostering 

resistance and fear, triggering us to

hold on to the familiar, even in the face of personal and collective collapse.

These comments beg the question why, but more importantly how? How do we change? Can we and will we?  

The basis of sacred teachings suggest change begins within.  They all say the same thing--it's an inside job!

But how does a culture (we, us, them) 

look within when we've been directed outward, away from our intuition, from trusting our essential connection to nature, and listening to and integrating with all of our senses? 

We begin with the first step, making a choice to recover, to heal, to nourish all of who we are.  I invite you to read on, reach out, learn more and embrace our numerous offerings and RISE above the untruths.