Soul Evolution is Calling

VENUS Imprint

Venus symbolizes who we are as women, or the inner feminine for the male population.  With so much consciousness rising relative to the Feminine, knowing the ins and outs of our personal and collective Venus function is optimal and ideal in activating and fulfilling her role and function in our lives.

We each are born with a specific Venus signature, which is within a specific Venus cycle of time (morning star or evening star, Solar Glare, or Venus retrograde).  These placements reflect the themes our soul is working on in this life, and a Venus Imprint consult reveals the intricacies of our Venus dynamics and how to work with them.  

Venus Gates are shamanic in nature, and illuminate opportune times for inner soul retrievals and soul reclamation.  

Join on-going Venus program for communing with the Venus Gates
throughout Venus' 19-month cycles--LEARN MORE HERE

GATES of Descent (release distortions) & GATES of Ascent (embody values)

  • Sovereignty

  • Vision

  • Voice

  • Heart

  • Empowerment

  • Creative Actualization

  • Groundedness

  • Intentional Compost

  • Sun Radiance

  • Retrograde
    rare only 5 - 7% of population 

Which of these Venus Placements reflect in your life?

Evolutionary  Consult

Initial evolutionary astrological counseling addresses the souls signature--
soul desire(s), including past life and current life dynamics,
and areas of strength and ones that challenge.

Evolutionary astrology is for soul seekers who want to better understand
themselves, what makes them tick and the why of their life.  

Why am I like this?
Why do these patterns continue to present in my life over and over?  
What is my soul purpose in life?

When we understand ourselves from the deepest unconscious layers,
we are more able to create effective change, and fulfill our intended destiny.