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Jun 22, 2023 - Dec 22, 2023

Monthly Astro-Oracle Coaching

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Thank you for your interest in joining our MONTHLY Astro-Oracle Coaching, where participants join for an hour and half and learn about Venus' monthly Oracle Dance with the Moon and the Sun, as well as the current ASTROLOGICAL weather and how those planetary influences are impacting their lives (collectively and with our natal charts). Available only to current clients, who had had a reading or Astro-Coaching Session. Participants need to be comfortable discussing their chart, in contained mindful and respectful setting, in front of other participants in the group. A forum is also included for program participants to discuss throughout the month/year what is unfolding collectively and personally. Membership fee can be cancelled at any time, with payments covering until the month end of purchase date.




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Astro-Oracle Coaching

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