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Wendy Groomes, MA, is an intuitive, teacher, coach and guide, as well as a mystic and a writer. Her current life work is in the realms of wellness and sacred wisdom--particularly relating to cosmological consciousness, embodiment, the sacred feminine, and our collective quantum evolution.  Since 1990 her personal and professional life have been geared towards alternative health and healing (with animals and people), metaphysical studies, multi-dimensional consciousness and integrative modalities. 

Walking a conscious path began in 1989 and led Wendy to embrace all things alternative and integrative to address chronic pain, health challenges, trauma, addictions, and heart-mind and soul longings to understand what motivates personality and psyche more deeply.  She embraced countless healing modalities and metaphysical spiritual avenues to soothe her soul and assist in the evolutionary process, which led her to become a practitioner in the healing arts, and a lover of the process of transformation and transmutation. 

Wendy began practicing massage therapy in 1995, specializing in the healing arts.  In 1999 her practice expanded to include animals while working with Dr. Monique Maniet in her holistic veterinary practice.  There she was blessed to work with hundreds of animals as a vet assistant and provide massage, energy-work, flower essence consultations, nutritional education, and comfort during life transitions.

Since working with Dr. Maniet Wendy has assisted thousands of animals and their guardians via animal communication and energywork. To learn more please visit


Wendy holds a Master's Degree in Health & Wellness Coaching, from Maryland University of Integrative Health (2016) with a focus in integrative nutrition and herbalism, and has a BA in Holistic Studies & Spirituality from Union Institute and University (2010) with a minor in psychology.  


Prior to finishing college Wendy studied the art of therapeutic massage and bodywork at Potomac Massage Training Institute (1994) and practiced full-time for twelve years combining educational touch, somatic trauma recovery bodywork, chakra and meridian balancing massage, and intuitive touch weaving in her training in core development practices (Pilates, Spiritual Belly Dance, and Qi Gong) fostering grounded and awakened embodiment. 

She has continuing education training in numerous modalities, along with several certifications (listed below).  She teaches Qi Gong-Dance of the Phoenix regularly, Basic Animal Communication Training and facilitates Group Coaching and Classes integrating wellness coaching with practical awakened tools for everyday application.


Currently Wendy is organizing comprehensive manuscripts about the Sacred Feminine & our Collective Evolution, one about Conscious Relationship with Animals, and is intending on embarking in the study and certification of Kundalini Yoga.



  • Shamanic Medicine Wheel & Power Animal Retrieval

  • Animal Communication & Canine Massage 

  • Process-Oriented Trauma Recovery 

  • Pilates Mat & Apparatus Instructor

  • Qi Gong - Dance of the Phoenix Instructor 

  • Acupressure & Zen Shiatsu 

  • Soulsign Astrology

  • Psychological Perspectives Bodywork

  • Bach Flower Essence Therapy 

  • Level III Reiki Master