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Zodiac Chart


Who Are We

The natal chart is a snap-shot of the sky the moment a soul is born, or the moment a country or business comes into formality.  Much can be gleaned from our personal and collective nativity.  


A chart of current transits, and future transits, are applied to one's natal chart, which reflects planetary intersections and their dynamic influence to our natal, progressions and solar arc charts.  When a transiting planet comes into aspect with our natal planets and angles we are impacted.  The more conscious we are of these timings, the more we can work with them in an empowering way.  


Our children come into the planet with their own soul/personality imprints, based on their own soul's desire to evolve in this life, or to redo specific patterns so they may grow and heal through them.  

Having worked as a pet-professional for decades, insights into our pets astrologically explains a great deal about our pet's personalities, behaviors and evolutionary desires. Even if we don't have a specific date, we can usually narrow down the month and year which offers great insights into how the outer-planets specifically influence the slower moving personal planets.  The moon can be harder to clarify since it moves so quickly. Nevertheless, this report is a bonus to any pet parent.

Synastry is how two charts interact together.  Lovers, partners, business associates, parent-child...some flow more naturally than others, and while all relationships have points where we may need to apply more grace and patience, seeing it through the planetary dance with others is truly helpful.  With our varying personalities and soul 
destinies, sometimes it just takes mindful tweaks to set the wheels of healthy relating in motion.

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