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Make no mistake, we
are called forth to live inherently heart-centered lives, in relationship to all life, to ALL
our kin.

We are alive at a poignant time, with definite PURPOSE, during these collective crossroads.

In ALIGNMENT with our whole selves we shine forth, to actively participate in the cultivation of what wants and needs to emerge in the collective.

Tribe, tools, gnosis and embodiment are unshakeable resources providing stabilization in the chaotic movements of now.

We invite you to embrace our offerings in support of meeting and merging with YOUR TRUE SELF and fortifying our collective momentum towards our North Star--emotional conscious intelligence.

To keep up with the rate of conscious evolution, in the midst of patriarchal resistance (distorted 3D-reality), we are invited to live in-tune with our wholeselves, and embrace the multi-dimensionality of who we really are.  To heal from the inside out, not the other way around.

In the most recent century, we learned to believe that our issues were mainly physical and genetic and not at all related to our lifestyles (the thoughts we think, what we believe, the food we eat, the choices we make, relying on medications and externals, living in disconnection and disassociation from our bodies and its inherent wisdom).


This makes us victims rather than empowered participants in the outcomes of our health, wellness, relationships and so on. We've been taught everything can be addressed with a quick fix (a drug, a pill, a vaccine...) all the while walking blindly, not seeing the whole picture--abdicating our power and our autonomy.